Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Beginnings

The wind came up both afternoons - it ruffled the sale rack a bit and cooled down the bunnies who were relegated to a hutch on the deck during the event. Because of their strategic location, the buns got to see a lot more action than did the cats and dogs; they were keeping each other company in another part of the house. This allowed for the French doors to be wide open and welcoming. It was a beautiful May weekend and you could smell the redwoods in the breeze! The very tops of their bows could be heard whisper-shimmying while all remained still down below. Pray tell, what did the buns get to see that the cats and dogs missed out on?

The Honorable Dalmatian opened for a home show Saturday and Sunday – that’s what! It was a time for friends and friends of friends to see the culmination of what Mari Rodriguez has been up to all these months.

There were oodles of cute and stylish women’s clothing and accessories, most of it
recycled, some vintage and displayed in off-the-hook ways.

The fun and playful Dog is Good line, which happens to be new clothing the store carries, captured the eye of most everyone and often elicited a giggle.

There was jewelry by a couple of fantastic designers. The Stacey Lamothe Art was a smash, garnering the most sales in its respective category. In fact, the first purchases on both Saturday and Sunday were from her “Barnyard” metal-art collection, which features one of Mari’s very favorites – a horse necklace that reads “Hay!”

The art was limited to one of the most beautiful pieces of stained glass ever, donated by Moonshadow Mosaics, and Mari showing off two pieces of Amberson Art including a precious painting of her dear deaf Dalmatian, Henry Keller.

The Honorable Dalmatian proudly carries the artwork of Tanya Amberson – In fact, Mari loves her painting style so much that she commissioned her to paint the main charactor in the store logo...you know, the one with black spots?

The best part of The Honorable Dalmatian is that 5% of every sale benefits animals. While the store is not a non-profit organization, the business has chosen to donate to local animal non-profits such as the Santa Cruz SPCA, Project Purr, The Rabbit Haven and Animal Shelter Relief (ASR). Let’s see if we can start a new trend – for the love of animals.

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more” ~ Anthony Robbins

So the friends, and friends of friends, came and went this past weekend, and everyone that shopped seemed genuinely happy they had trekked up to the boondocks in order to attend the store’s premier. The buns got a few pets on their head and ears, the dogs got walked midway through both days, and The Honorable Dalmatian conducted its first weekend of business. There is no denying it – it was a success!

Please look for the store to open online this month and a Santa Cruz storefront to follow soon. See you soon, friend!


  1. Wow, wish I had been there to hear the treetops "whisper-shimmying"! Sounds like a grand opening, if ever there was one.

    Love that horsey necklace!

  2. Kit, it wouldn't have to be out of the question to plan another home show for a weekend that you are in town...perhaps summertime?

  3. In the meantime, lookin forward to your online shop :)