Monday, June 28, 2010

My Mom is in My Everything

It’s been six months since my mom died and I miss her every day. I’ve noticed lately though, she is in (my) everything.

For instance, there is a nest of baby blue jays in the night-blooming jasmine that grows along the side of our house. Every day, several times a day, mama blue jay forages the ground and tree foliage on our property for food, bringing it back to the verbally-boisterous young mouths of her babies. The first baby was born Monday, June 14, with several more born over the next day or two. Now we hear at least six babies in the nest at feeding time. The nest itself is quite intricate, though we can’t actually see the one mama blue jay finally settled on. She had constructed two others lower in the jasmine, only to abandon them in favor of a hidden spot where a thick bunch of the flowering plant reaches under the eaves. I suppose a mother just knows when preparing for a family what their needs will be and how to keep her babies safe.

And this week, I was preparing for a photo shoot with my Dalmatian for the website homepage; The Honorable Dalmatian is putting finishing touches on the site before unveiling it to the public (please stay tuned)! I had to decide what to wear that would compliment Henry but not take away from the star that he is. I knew instantly when I saw the lilac-colored sleeve peeking out between other sleeves in the closet – it was one of the last blouses I bought for my mom, and she only wore it once. I remember the day she did; she asked me “Are you sure it’s not too young a look for me?” “No way Mom!” I said. “You look beautiful!” Wearing her clothes, I confess, makes me feel good – a sort of “adult dress up” I guess you’d call it. My mom will now share the homepage spotlight with Henry and me.

Yet another example, and perhaps the most personal, is the coffee cup I drink out of most every day. It belonged to her. It’s a big, cornflower-blue ceramic cup with the name “Maryland” in raised capital letters along the side. My mom was born and raised in Maryland. She never spent the time she wished she could have with her family back at home, though she talked about them often and they were very dear to her heart.

As I sip my coffee in it now – under a canopy of redwood trees and Henry by my side - I know the importance of family, the depth of my mother’s love and that she will forever be in my everything.

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  1. Oh Mari, what a beautiful's true, too - I know just what you mean!