Saturday, June 5, 2010

Precious Moments

The long-awaited spring sunshine lights my path and warms my skin as I merrily gather dandelions in the yard. My basket is almost full now. As I pick each one, dust off the debris and toss it in, I imagine and wonder.

Is this sense of satisfaction, of wholeness, felt by the organic farmer who selects his crops for market each week? Could it be the way a medicine woman feels gathering flowers and herbs to heal the sick? Is this the pride of a mother as she harvests fresh vegetables before a family dinner in the country?

I like the way it feels. The dandelions are a mainstay for my rabbits and they grow so plentifully here – usually thought of as weeds. I can remember my dad teaching me how to weed. "Push deep" he would say as I flimsily held the trowel in my hand as a child, "you have to get under the roots." I wonder what he would say now, as I leave the roots behind hoping for more "weeds." It's not just the bunnies who enjoy the dandelions!

Yes, my life and mind have expanded once more from choosing to adopt again, to allow two more beings into my heart. I do love them, you know, and will care for them as children for the remainder of their years.

As I rest to write this down I feel a surge of emotion – a sense of awe at the miracle of life. The lavender blooms crisp and fragrant about me, its aroma promising the consistent welcome of new days. I believe I’ll go back to picking now, changed ever so slightly by these precious moments.


  1. Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing your spring sunshine with me!

  2. I thought I wrote something here, but it must have been on the FB page. I love reading your stories in Spotted Tails, for had it not been that we both owned Dals, we would never have met ! You write with a sense of wonderment, like a little child, You see the simplest little things and it makes you happy. It's like reading Susan Branch (calendars, books, stories of her Mother and family). You put your heart in everything you do and write, Your Mother would be very proud of you and I'm so glad to be your friend, Mari !