Monday, August 9, 2010

Tiger the Trickster

Our cat sitter, Craig, has never met Tiger. He knows what kind of food she eats, where to feed her and he knows what she is supposed to look like, but they have yet to meet. The last time my husband and I (and our dogs) went on vacation we got a call from Craig. He was concerned because several days had passed and there was no sign of Tiger. He couldn’t even be sure she was eating because we have two other cats and none tend to eat much while we're gone (it just dawned on me that this could be because the dogs aren’t circling their food like sharks when they aren't there). At our direction, Craig looked in all of Tiger’s known hiding places as we waited on the phone, but she wasn’t in a single one of them. While this unnerved me a bit, this was Tiger we were talking about…

Tiger is an Abyssinian. She’s shy yet flirtatious, always slinking along the walls and the edges of our furniture. She rarely requests affection, preferring instead to be the voyeur. I suspect she watched Craig while he looked for her, mocking him with sly enthusiasm. Tiger is brave and in excellent physical shape for her age (she's 11). She is the only one of our cats that dares walk the catwalk – that’s what we named the ledge high above our A-framed living room. She saunters across it without a care in the world.

When we came home from our vacation, I rushed to unlock the door and check on Tiger, even though I was sure she was fine. She looked up at me from the edge of the dining room door frame as if to say “Oh, hey. What’s up?”

Cats - always playing tricks on their humans!

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