Thursday, September 2, 2010

An Exciting August for The Honorable Dalmatian!

On August 21, 2010:

The Honorable Dalmatian participated in its first community event - Dog Days of Summer! The event, hosted by the Santa Cruz SPCA, was held at a park off Ocean Street to honor the anniversary of one of the largest animal rescues in the United States following Hurricane Katrina. Operation Just Paws, organized by Lisa Carter of our local SPCA and funded by Doris Day, rescued over 100 cats and dogs from flooded Louisiana in 2005.

A recap and slideshow of the event can be viewed on the SPCA’s blog.

The Honorable Dalmatian’s event booth was browsed by many spectators, most with dogs in tow, who thoroughly enjoyed the dog-themed art, jewelry and clothing. The owner was on hand to meet and greet, and talk about the selection of items the store carries. She shared that the artists whose work she features, including the wall art, metal-crafted jewelry and dog-themed apparel, are also big animal lovers and it clearly shines through in their work. Many of them also donate a percentage of their sales to animal rescue, even on wholesale orders, making some store items “double winners” when purchased. The Honorable Dalmatian donates 5% of its sales to five local rescue groups.

In addition to debuting their awesome concept and product line to the public, The Honorable Dalmatian’s owner had the pleasure of meeting lots of new people - people whom she has begun to call her tribe. These are fellow animal lovers in the community who celebrate that fact any chance they get.

The Honorable Dalmatian is looking forward to the next event and hopes to see you there!

On August 25, 2010:

Drum Roll…………………The Honorable Dalmatian opened their online store for business! The much awaited grand opening – complete with a free-shipping special on coffee orders of three bags or more – is still going on! It’s been just over a week since opening day and if you haven’t had your coffee fix yet, you better get with it!

New inventory is being added to the store several times a week. Look for vintage items, more clothing and art, and fun accessories in the days to come! The store is fresh, clean and colorful, but best of all is the atmosphere of animal love permeating every page!

Social media is buzzing – there’s been tweeting and re-tweeting, and a frenzy of Facebooking – all for the love of animals!

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In the future, The Honorable Dalmatian will pursue a brick and mortar storefront in Santa Cruz. Until then, we hope you’ll shop with us online starting today at


  1. Yay Mari! So excited for you...the online store looks great! :)

  2. Thank you Kim! I still want to carry your amazing photography somehow! Prints perhaps? Have a great weekend!