Sunday, September 12, 2010

RYAN: Foster Bunny Follies

Just a wild and wacky week ago, a situation occurred that culminated with our welcoming a foster bunny into our home. We have a couple of rescue bunnies from The Rabbit Haven already so how much could life possibly change with one more?

Ryan’s gray and white fuzzy fur is short and ultra soft. His eyes, which now exude a semi-relaxed sweetness, were seriously bulging out of his little head when we first brought him in.

Is Ryan adorable? Of course he is! Does he have a flip side? You bet!

Never having shared company with a three-and-a-half-month-old male bunny, were we ever surprised at the increase in activity coming from our bunny room! Ha! Ryan basically has one thing on his mind and it is not his food. He’s a juvenile already in bunny years. And while he has plenty of play time, gets to try new veggies everyday and nibbles at all the alfalfa he can eat, the little dude has escaped from his pen twice in a week’s time!

Ryan, who weighs about two pounds, has an X-pen that is 24 inches in height and has eight secure metal sides with slits that he cannot fit through. Nevertheless, he managed to jump out once, and the second escape came when he pulled the sides of the pen into the middle, causing the sheet we had carefully secured over it to collapse – he basically climbed out using the sheet to construct a cloth mountain!

Because of his hormones, Ryan is, shall we say, innocently reckless - he likes to “mark” his freshly-washed sheets with zigzag urine trails that provide a strangely-pungent fragrance. Oh, and our resident bunnies find him very entertaining! The first night Ryan was here, they were actually fighting over who could get closest to him. And just today Ryan got his head stuck in the hard-plastic netting we use in their exercise area. Never a dull moment!

Well, the hormonal hi-jinks all come to an end tomorrow morning when Ryan takes a field trip to the “Altering Agency” aka bunny AA. Life is bound to smell a little better, but I think we’ll actually miss the antics. Soon, Ryan will be available to adopt.

If you have never experienced the zany joy of a silly bunny, we highly suggest this short example:

If you’d like to see rabbits available for adoption in Santa Cruz County, please view The Rabbit Haven’s Adoption Showcase.

This instructional video shows Auntie Heather of The Rabbit Haven assembling an X-Pen:

You can follow The Rabbit Haven on Twitter @therabbithaven for daily tweets about happenings around the haven and upcoming adoption shows.


  1. Oh, bunnies are great pets ! My ex caught one around Easter time at the Firehouse. It was a pretty, white bunny. That bunny was house-trained and very smart,but she liked to chew on electrical cords. We had to watch her like a hawk. Many evenings she would sit with us on the couch.....who knew ? Another great whimsical story by Mari !!!

  2. hormonal hi-jinx! hehe!! I love the 2nd pic of bunny with his bulging eyes.