Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ellen Ellen Ellen - LOVE HER!

If you knew all the things I’ve done to try and attract Ellen DeGeneres’s attention, you might think I was a crazy person. However, I’m pretty sure it’s finally paying off. A little over a week ago @TheEllenShow replied to one of my tweets on Twitter!

Ellen's tweet said “Thanks, Dal!”

Well, this was so rad that I had to call my sister at nearly midnight, in Oregon, to see if it was real. I have been known to imagine things. In a matter of minutes tweeters were following me as if I was a star, and I was sure Twitter was on the fritz. But, I traced the sudden activity back to Ellen’s fabulous tweet – it was being re-tweeted by celebrity followers and other Ellen fans around the globe. THE GLOBE people!

Ellen – you rocked my Twitter universe on September 28!

A few of my past efforts to try and gain Ellen’s attention have included:

• Sending her black-and-white cat videos (she loves them you know)

• Writing her a formal letter pitching The Honorable Dalmatian

• Tweeting her (nevermind how many times), once sharing that I too think Dennis Quaid acting out her verbal commands is all that and a latte too

• Entering her Winter Win Storm contest at least 20 times – each time entering new and zanier information about myself, once even including this photo...

Well, as you can see, I am not at all crazy!

If you like laughing and dancing and animals, and especially if you have any good "bad hair" photos - you need to be watching The Ellen Show.

If that's not your thing, well, you might still like the infamous Dennis Quaid at Starbucks video.

And just for fun, here's Ellen's American Express Commercial. Don't try this at home.

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  1. Crazy is not a bad thing! Congratulations on the Ellen tweet. Remember us little folk!