Sunday, October 31, 2010

Starry Starry Day

What a day! Wow. It was a magical, happy time. Oh, I’m talking about a recent Rabbit Haven adoption show. The setting was Pet Pals and the stars came in all ages, sizes, colors and personalities. I was just part of the staff, catering to the needs of the soft and fuzzy stars, and welcoming their potential new families. It’s nice to be needed :)

There were eight adoptions in one day on this particular Saturday, and each seemed to be an exceptional match. Even my two foster bunnies found their furever homes. Hannah Solo bonded with a rabbit named Oreo, and went off with her new family. A sweet couple fell in love with little Ryan and took him home to share life in the mountains with them. The other six bunnies adopted that day were Fozzie Bear, Moomba, FaFa, Antonio Bunderos, Zizu Bop and Ki. Everyone at the haven wishes each bun a long, happy, adventurous (but not too adventurous) love-filled life!

Following the day’s amazement, it seems I was followed home by two new foster bunnies. One is Kumba, a red Lionhead who is quite athletic – in one leap he cleared a 30” barrier with room to spare before hiding behind a box in the hall for a several hours. Who could blame him? He was on a euthanasia list in another county the day before. Lucky is he who is named Kumba. As it turns out, Kumba is perfect with his litter box and exceptionally sweet. He will make someone a fine pet.

A Lionhead rabbit is quite spectacular in looks and personality – meet Mufassa (who I like to call Mr. Hollywood):

The other bunny that followed me home that day was a little black-and-white Dutch we named Benny. His classic Dutch looks earned him the nod of a couple in San Jose who have since come over and met him - the bond was instant and obvious. I knew Benny had found his home.

Here's a Dutch rabbit with a hankering for a carrot:

So, has my excitement about bunnies got you interested yet? Foster families are always in need. If you're thinking about it but not sure, just keep an open mind!

The House Rabbit Society is an excellent resource for all things rabbit.

The Rabbit Haven’s Adoption Showcase features locally-rescued rabbits in need of homes and/or foster care.

Perhaps you’d like some fun reading while learning more about the rabbit personality. If so, try one of my favorite bunny blogs, appropriately named Disapproving Rabbits.

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  1. My first bun was a black and white Dutch who's name was 'Ashby Abbott Professional Rabbit'. Maybe I'll have a bun in my life again someday...