Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get the California Pet Lover’s License Plate now and start saving lives

We first learned about the California Pet Lover's License Plate when Santa Cruz’s Animal Shelter Relief Rescue shared their brochure with us, adding that support for the new California plate was mandatory. Since then, we’ve passed out brochures for the license plate at shows, mailed them to customers with their purchases, and talked about the new plate. So let’s talk about it:

The talented and generous Pierce Brosnan designed the artwork for the plate, which raises money for California spay/neuter programs and also educates drivers by simply stating “Spay & Neuter Saves Lives.” Proceeds from purchasing the plate fund low-cost and even free altering surgeries for California animals.

It is very important that the California Department of Motor Vehicles receive 7500 pre-orders so that production can begin, and animals can start benefiting from the license plates. As of this writing, 2154 of the new plates have been pre-ordered.

Please, think about the good your purchase will do and pre-order the California Pet Lover's License Plate right now.

Sponsored by the California Veterinary Medical Board, the California spay/neuter plate will reduce homeless pets and save lives. For more information, visit where you can find the answers to any questions you have and learn about the inspiration behind the design.

Perhaps someday there will be no more homeless pets. For now, we do what we can and we hope that means seeing you on the road soon sporting your new California Pet Lover's License Plate.

Thank you,

The Honorable Dalmatian
~for the love of animals~

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  1. If you are buying ANYTHING from store, you are supporting puppy mills. OF COURSE they say that they get their dogs from private, local breeders. EVERY pet store says that and EVERY pet store is lying. In fact, they even admit to getting their dogs from puppy mills if you read their website. They say their breeders are USDA inspected. The USDA ONLY inspects mass-breeders, i.e. puppy mills. They do not inspect small, private breeders.