Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Horses and Angels

When you’re young, nothing scares you. You learn to do scary stuff – climb trees, ride bikes – without much of a care in the world. Something happens when you get older. Self-consciousness, ego and fear slip into that space left open while you’re busy pursuing life's responsibilities. Suddenly you’re an adult and you realize you never learned how to do that one thing you always wanted to – ride a horse.

Or at least that’s the case for a young woman I know.

She’s a free spirit and full of life, but this secret haunts her. She wants so desperately to get up on the sleek back of a proud horse and let the wind blow through her hair as it lopes along a coast road. She imagines the freedom this ride will mean in so many ways of her life. The direction, as it opens up before her, and the power in each choice.

An angel waits to be there – on the day she chooses to take this risk – to carry her through the experience, gently and safely. Even in her solid faith, she’s frozen. The time is not yet.