Sunday, April 17, 2011

Albus & Hagrid – what life is like one year later

It’s been a year since the decision was made to welcome bunnies into our home, proving that we never really know where our lives will lead. My mom, who I was so close to, had passed away just four months before, and Albus & Hagrid became my transport to someplace new, unchartered as it were. The black-and-white bonded brothers kept me busy (and still do), and of course learning all about house bunny life.

My mom volunteered for as long as I can remember, with the historical society of Scotts Valley, then delivering meals on wheels until she stopped driving, and finally as a caller for Dominican Hospital. Who knew that what started with a little extra love when I was so sad would turn up being such a special connection to my mom?

Within months of adopting Albus & Hagrid I began hanging around the bunny adoption shows at Pet Pals and soon became a volunteer helping with show support, eventually becoming a foster mom. There is simply no way to describe the reward – the satisfying filled-up feeling – that comes from giving freely of yourself to a cause that’s bigger than you.

Seeing families go home with soft furry new members - kids and adults alike seem to love the bunny experience - is beyond cool. We usually see the adopters again when they come back for free nail trims, to do matchmaking with another bunny, or just to say hello. There aren’t as many bunny people as there are dog and cat and horse people, so we tend to make up “the rabbit people” community. Did you know bunnies use litter boxes? I didn’t either. There’s a lot I didn’t know about bunny rabbits. My mother’s death rocketed me into another dimension.

The Rabbit Haven is always looking for foster families. They take in surrendered rabbits; they rescue rabbits from bad situations, even off of bunny death row (aka overcrowded shelters). If you’d like to learn about house bunnies and what’s involved with rabbit care, come to one the shows! If you’re not local, ask the closet animal shelter what organization does rabbit rescue in your area – they’ll know.

The Rabbit Haven puts on two adoption shows a month in Santa Cruz and one in Sunnyvale, always on Saturdays. The schedule is easy to find on the home page of their website. Feel free to contact me anytime and I’ll be happy to tell you about what being a bunny mom is like.

One more thing, since Easter is here, please don't ever buy anyone a rabbit (or a chick) for a gift. It's a terrible idea. Stuffed animals and chocolate bunnies are a much better idea. Here's a little video on the topic:

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