Monday, June 6, 2011

Animal Love

Looking back on days gone by – many days gone by – I remember a 2nd grader, a little girl, a member of the local Brownie troop. She was filled with anticipation and excitement, for she and the other little Brownies were off to visit the local animal shelter! And on that day, circa 1968, as she peered through the wire cages at the sweet furry faces within, something inside her was awakened.

What became of those pets, she wonders now; did they get adopted? Were they loved and cared for by someone?

Today, with the hard reality of shelters bursting at the seams with the same sweet furry faces who have no place to call home, and society’s failure to protect the majority from certain death, she weeps.

Hope is somewhere around the bend, for the army of animal lovers-turned-defenders grows by the day. This mere fact alone brings comfort; she is not alone.

On this day, however, she longs for that once-upon-a-time, for that untainted bliss of pure child-like animal love.

There is a no-kill movement on the rise. Its motivation is to stop the needless killing of shelter pets due to overpopulation. How can this be done? Well, like with any other societal overhaul, not without red tape, money and controversy. Read more on the no-kill topic at any of the following websites. Perhaps there is something you’d like to do:

No Kill Advocacy Center

Best Friends Animal Society

No Kill Now

Did you know that Santa Cruz SPCA is a no-kill animal shelter and that Santa Cruz’s Animal Shelter Relief Rescue saves and fosters animals from overcrowded shelters? Project Purr is all about saving the lives of our community’s cats and The Rabbit Haven rescues and fosters rabbits in our area. These non-profit agencies are some of our very own “crusaders,” and this little awakened Brownie understands the pledge they’re committed to, and she salutes them!

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