Monday, November 21, 2011

Sweet 16

She may not get excited about long walks or car rides the way she once did, but she still dances for her food.

Rafa brought Thunder home when she was about three months old. It was Valentines Day 1995. He had been talking about this Chihuahua puppy that he'd met at a friend's house and I wasn't sure about a small dog - we had four cats and a larger dog at the time - I just thought another larger dog would go better with the family.

Finally Rafa won out and he brought the puppy home. He was over the moon for this little black and white baby with specked feet and nose, and a white tipped tail. We didn't know if she was a boy or girl then and somehow checking seemed to clarify things. We named "him" Thunder.

A day or two later we headed off to the vet for puppy shots and Diane at Dr. Raemaker's office looked at us kind of funny and said, "This is a girl and this is a border collie!" I'm sure she was also thinking, "rookies!"

That was 16 years ago and what a life we've all had together. Thunder's an official daddy's girl. Being a daddy's girl myself, I can testify to what a special feeling it is to have that classification. Love, heaped on in big doses, makes for a long happy life.

Thank you to Liz Lange for taking this precious picture of our girl Thunder after this past weekend's outing to the Wash n Wag.

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