Friday, January 6, 2012


It’s 2012 and winter seems to have forgotten about us here on the central coast. I’m not saying I mind. The days are short with pretty blue skies, and glorious sunsets to behold. What a perfect time to rejoice in the paradise that is Santa Cruz and look to the future with hope.

Up here in the mountains, the squirrels have been chasing each other in the trees and making mysterious small talk. A feral cat decided to take refuge in our shed around Thanksgiving – I’m trying to make friends with him, or her.

Our little store has been quiet since the big Holiday Fair in early December, but a February show in on the horizon. Details are on the events page of our website and we’ll be talking about it non-stop soon enough.

In the meantime, sending whoever is reading this right now all the best the new year can possibly bring and a reminder to make each day count.

Enjoy five minutes of a recent sunset as a way to get started with that.