Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's not a ghost story, it's an I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU story

Lying in bed this morning, eyes focused out the windows on the dawn behind the trees, I was missing Thunder. I had been thinking about this piece of art we commissioned and am anticipating delivery of (obviously, now received). It was April 1 last year and the artist met and photographed Thunder on what was her last day as a dog as we know one. We were at a park in Santa Cruz and it was a spectacular day, and Thunder was right there in 3D. She was not just alive but she was living – ears up, body innocently gesturing - she was making moves on another little dog in the park! How I miss her. Thunder was my baby’s girl, but she was also my girl. This morning I was feeling as blue as the dawn was pink.

When suddenly, the porch light flickered - one, two, three times in a row - just like it did last April. Wait, could that have really happened? Rafa changed the light bulb months ago even though I begged him not to. But sure enough, through my tears, it happened again. The first time the light EVER flickered was about 24 hours or so after she passed and it did so right up until the bulb was changed. It comforted me. This morning, Thunder reminded me (twice for good measure) that she will always love me and that she is right there, a thought away. 17 years is a good long time to have a pet and this morning’s happenings helped me trust even more in the connections we make with our heart.

Thunder 4/1/13

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