Saturday, May 7, 2016

Expecting miracles

142. That’s how many days Henry lived past his 10th birthday. 142 days of joy and adventure, of love and friendship, of acceptance. Henry lived his life and it was a good life.

Henry’s mom wrote this prayer in her journal on February 28, 2016:

“Dear God,

I’m so very present and so awake, so alive. I’m content in the midst of sadness – knowing that life and death are simply certain on this earth, as natural as the tiny white daisies around me and the almost spring air.

I don’t feel any longing or despair, but rather a readiness. I’ve learned to trust in your plan whatever it is, just as I trust in a new day.
I remember when my mom died and she began talking to her mother and her sister – that she was really going to be with them. It gave me peace I hadn’t had before – a comprehending.
Now, considering the future of Henry, my boy, I trust in his resting place just as well. He will communicate with me in his solace – from beyond. I know he will.
God, life is beautiful. Love is real. Feelings I now welcome when once they used to bowl me over. Today is a good day.
Not long ago I worried my identity would be lost without Henry. Today I know that isn’t true.
As me, I am an evolving human with all that humanhood brings. It doesn’t scare me anymore. I want to do my best, just my best.
God, I think about angels – they fascinate me! I will perhaps study angels after Henry leaves earth, and expect miracles.”

Between Henry’s 10th birthday and March 1, when Henry passed, he and his mom enjoyed every moment they could together. Life is good.