Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sweet Justice

It was about five in the evening and we were sitting in the car after a full day of laughter and reminiscing. We'd sipped coffee around the picnic table, taken Lulu to the dog park, eaten a delicious lunch and strolled along the pathways of Arana Gulch. And there we sat, moved to tears and momentarily speechless (those of you who know me know I'm not speechless often). It was just in that moment that my friend and I remembered, or more accurately "re-realized," that we had actually won the fight against Whole Foods.

There were a lot of weekends spent in front of Whole Foods back in 2014, at various locations and across the country, carrying signs and educating consumers about the heart-wrenching decision made by the trendsetting grocery conglomerate to sell the meat of rabbits. Many customers were shocked to discover this was true (and there seemed to be just as many who didn't care), but all were more than a little surprised to see such a movement against it. There were patches of small groups rising up in new cities every week, from one person to 30 or more, all joined together with one main focus - to try and persuade Whole Foods to reverse their decision.

A petition was started and tens of thousands of people signed it, rabbit advocacy websites and Facebook pages popped up, rabbit rescue groups came together and news stories began circulating. I tried hard not to call it a fight - I didn't want to think of it that way - but it was a fight. It was a fight to save the bunnies who were being killed for their meat before they were 12 weeks old. It was sickening (as is the entire meat industry if consumers would be willing to see it for what it really truly is) and it was GOING TO STOP.

The win came in September of 2015, a little more than a year into the "fight." Whole Foods simply couldn't sell enough rabbit meat to make their endeavor cost effective. Thank you, God! I still remember one (possibly life-changing) occasion like it was yesterday: It was a Sunday and I was protesting by myself in front of the Santa Cruz Whole Foods when a man walked past me and suddenly looked back over his shoulder and said "David and Goliath." He was, of course, referring to my standing there alone with a sign announcing my mission to force a globally popular grocery store chain into doing something. I felt a weird mixture of humility and pride when this stranger used that phrase to describe me.

That pretty much sums it all up though, doesn't it? Therein lies the reason for the tears and the momentary speechlessness my friend and I were experiencing two years after the fact. Whole Foods did reverse their decision. Millions of bunnies' lives would be spared.

This writing, that I have no idea who will read because most readers never comment, goes out to the "bunny warriors" who fought to make their voices heard and bring justice for the voiceless. I truly love you - all of you. The photo gallery that follows is a tribute to your hard work - some photos are mine and some are public photos found via Facebook from around the state and country.

And, finally....

Lisa, thanks for a great day and I'm so glad we're friends because we bonded over bunnies!

Monday, May 8, 2017

Seasons come and seasons go

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog. Writing stirs up feelings and there have been a lot of those.

First, closing The Honorable Dalmatian. I just had to let that dream go for the time being. Then, losing Henry right on the heels of that. He was such an inspiration in my life and the catalyst for so much positive change.

A year’s gone by now - it took some time to get to the end of that season. Now, the rain has come and gone, and spring has brought new life. Still, as I put my pen to paper, tears well up in my eyes.

This past year brought other challenges too, beyond the loss of Henry and operating a business I loved. My husband had a brain tumor diagnosed and removed, and we just barely held on to our home through the blessing of a loan modification.

I guess it’s true. You never really know what life has in store.

There might be someone who does though and that someone might have carried the bulk of the load. Feelings are one thing – I have learned to live with those. But the really hard stuff – when life delivers the uncontrollable – that stuff can get to me.

But, here’s the miracle. God’s merciful grace manifested instead. The fear only slightly found me. My faith waved it away.

Today, life is in full session. My husband is back on the job and I have plenty of work to keep me busy, and Lulu brightens our day. Oh! Who is Lulu, you ask? She is 9 months of radiant energy in polka-dotted form. She is pure love and fun, and a big part of the new season we are in.

Good always triumphs. Sometimes it just takes a while.